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Alix d. Reynis Angkor Necklace

Alix d. Reynis Angkor Necklace

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Alix d. Reynis Angkor necklace.  

Alix D. Reynis imagines the Angkor model from an old Khmer bell. It can be worn alone or in combination with our other jewelry pieces.

Necklace in vermeil (5 micron gold plated silver).

  • Chain length: 70cm

  • Medallion diameter 1cm

This jewellery is entirely handmade in Paris. Starting from a meticulously sculpted wax, the model is then reworked in metal. Once the harmony is found, a mould is made from which the silver or gold proofs will be drawn. With these tests on precious metal, the work of the jeweller is to file the cast iron jets, braze the rings and finishes, crimp the stones and polish the pieces. These pieces are sterling silver with an 18-carat gold vermeil and semi-precious stone.

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