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Ewa i Walla 'Dagmar' Cotton Twill Stripe Jacket

Ewa i Walla 'Dagmar' Cotton Twill Stripe Jacket

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Short jacket in striped twill. Wrinkled flounce in striped twill and voile. Elastic at the ending of the sleeves for a wrinkled effect and lacing at the back. Hook and eye fastening at front.

100% Cotton 

Size Guide:
Extra Small size 6
Small size 8
Medium size 10
Large size 12
Extra Large size 14

In 2002 Ewa i Walla art design AB was founded by Swedish designer, Ewa Iwalla. Creative and fantastic design, several layers of exclusive materials, unexpected combinations, original prints and carefully picked details. The exclusivity lies in all the elements interacting and creating a strong dynamic, an Ewa i Walla garment.

Clothes that are much more than merely garments
Natural quality materials such as linen, silk, wool and cotton with the signature crushed look, are among others, materials to be found in an Ewa i Walla collection. The garment are carefully detailed to enhance the design and give it the right Ewa i Walla character. You will find details such as lace, flounces, monogram and embroidery, ribbons, buttons, patches, raw edges and mix of materials making the garment almost as a work of art. The possibilities to combine the garments are many, over materials and over seasons.



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