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Eka Charcoal Check Collared Shirt

Eka Charcoal Check Collared Shirt

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Gorgeous round neck ruffle collared shirt with button front, hand stitched hem detail. 

- Handwoven and handcrafted

- 100% Cotton

-Made in India

Size: Approx.
Small 8. Bust laid flat 51 cm
Medium 10. Bust laid flat 53 cm
Large 12 - 14.

Eká makes their own textiles, favouring the mechanics and raw beauty of natural fibers. Eka garments are versatile: fluid in shape, evolved in textiles and texture, and seen as essential to timeless wardrobes. Worn as separates or layered, each involves craftsmanship along with extensive development with traditional textile techniques.

Eká is made in India and draws from indigenous skills whereby natural materials are developed from India’s regional craft belts. The resulting relationships form the base of their reliable supply chain across various parts of the country. Cotton, linen, wool and special techniques of jamdani and tangail are from India’s eastern state of West Bengal. Gujarat offers the techniques of block making, printing and indigo dyeing and we travel higher up to Amritsar for specialized jacquard looms. Handwoven wool is produced in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh while regional cottons are woven further south in Andhra Pradesh.

A majority of their textiles are handloom and the rest are developed on small scale automated jacquard looms - this affords scale to techniques traditionally made by hand.

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