Couleur Chanvre Hemp Stole - Bleu du Japon

$199.00 AUD

This stole is a veil of pure hemp which has a unique suppleness and drape. Everywhere and in all seasons... light, natural and elegant on the shoulders or around the neck, it is also insulating and will also protect you from a fresh wind.

100% pure hemp, high quality combed long fibres.

120 x 220 cm

Weaving, dyeing and finishing in France.

0% dyeing - Guarantee of healthy linen: our unique dyeing and finishing process is carried out without any endocrine disruptors, toxic, irritant or allergenic products.

Easy care: hot wash (60°), tumble dryer recommended. Do not iron to keep its embossed appearance. Does not shrink.

Hemp is an elegant and durable fiber that only gets better with time and washes.

Couleur Chanvre is above all a passion for natural textile fibres, their elegance and their irreplaceable qualities. It is also the obsession to preserve their beauty and their benefits by removing from the production circuit all the toxic products that are ubiquitous in the textile industry, which poison us and pollute our planet. Finally, it is the desire to revive and transmit hemp, this irreplaceable textile know-how which has been admired for centuries but which has been forgotten over the last 30 years.