Coral & Tusk 'Swimmers' Pocket Pillow Cushion Cover

$249.00 AUD $310.00 AUD

The Foxes invited their friends Bear, Cat and Bunny for an afternoon sailing at sea! Fox keeps a watchful eye out for his friends as they dive into the waves and explore the ocean. Bear is a cautious cub, he enjoys the water from the safety of his ducky floatie. Bunny shows off her skills from her synchronized swimming lessons as she gracefully glides through the water in a floral swim cap and a matching fuchsia swimsuit. Cat comes up to the surface after snorkeling to show his friends his ocean floor find: an oyster shell with a sparkling pearl! The three swimmer pals can be removed from their pockets.

Measures 14" x 26" (35cm x 66cm)
Inner not included.

* This item is not a toy and is intended for decorative use only. For your child's safety the small accessories should be removed from the pillows and kept out of the reach of children under the age of three.

Coral & Tusk is an American label created by designer Stephanie Housley. Each design is drawn by hand before being machine embroidered onto beautiful linen. Uniquely crafted, with whimsical designs, a Coral & Tusk piece is sure to surprise and delight.