Coral & Tusk 'Owl Mama' Pocket Pillow Cushion Cover

$229.00 AUD

Wise mother owl has piercing eyes and ornate plumage, she also has a surprise hidden under each of her wings. Find two little owlets tucked under her beautifully embroidered feathers, each baby owl can be removed from the pockets. Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament? Create your very own pillow parliament when pairing Owl Mama with our Owl Family Tree pillow.

Measures 16" × 16" (40cm x 40cm)

Inner not included

* This item is not a toy and is intended for decorative use only. For your child's safety the small accessories should be removed from the pillows and kept out of the reach of children under the age of three.

Our embroidered pocket pillows are one of the most time intensive products that we create! The embroidery on the Orchard pocket pillow is done on two separate layers of fabric. The embroidery takes place on a machine overseen by a skilled operator who manually changes threads each time the color changes. After the stitching is completed, it takes about two hours for each pillow to be expertly hand sewn and finished with care, along with additional time to sew up each pal, and this pillow has two!

Coral & Tusk is an American label created by designer Stephanie Housley. Each design is drawn by hand before being machine embroidered onto beautiful linen. Uniquely crafted, with whimsical designs, a Coral & Tusk piece is sure to surprise and delight.