Coral & Tusk Orchard Pocket Cushion Cover

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Beautiful Autumn scene on linen cushion cover with removable plush animals in pockets. Inner not included.

Size: 14" x 26"

A crisp fall day calls for an orchard outing! Fox climbs up into an apple tree wearing pinstripe overalls to gather a bushel as Dog steadies the ladder. Wolf and bunny lend a paw, helping fox collect apples. In a neighboring row find Little Fox perched in a peach tree snacking on fresh picks with his friend owl while his sister waits patiently in the harvest basket below. At the end of the orchard bear cub climbs up a pear tree while Big Bear shows off his beehive for the Honey Harvest Festival. Bunny, owl, fox and bear cub can all be removed from their pockets.

Coral & Tusk is an American label created by designer Stephanie Housley. Each design is drawn by hand before being machine embroidered onto beautiful linen. Uniquely crafted, with whimsical designs, a Coral & Tusk piece is sure to surprise and delight.