Antique French Painters Suitcase

$395.00 AUD

Antique French Painters Suitcase. Complete kit of an aspiring artist painting outdoors or 'Plein Air' which became popular from the 1870s when portable paint tubes were invented.

The suitcase includes:
- A removable wooden board for use as a simple table or even easel by clipping paper or canvas on with the bulldog clip. 
- Two metal paint tins, with removable magnetic paint pans, thumb loop for holding in one hand and space for mixing colours. Both have remnants of a variety of bright colours, most likely watercolour paints.
- Metal bulldog clip
- Metal water cup with clasp to slide onto the wooden board
- Assorted pencils, paintbrushes and three paints (Black, white, and red)
- Purple printed cardboard box of charcoal with sandpaper sides for shaping charcoal to a point.
- Metal painters knife for sharpening pencils
- Heavy metal handle with slot for charcoal
- Paint-stained rag

Overall condition is quite worn, see photos for details.

Size: Suitcase approx cm 36 (L) x 24.5cm (W) x 8 (H) + handle

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