Antique French Globe de Marrie

$750.00 AUD

Antique French Globe de Marrie. This incredible piece of history is filled with symbols and meanings. Original base and glass dome. Circa 1880s.

In France throughout the 1800's it was tradition for a newly married couple to create a Globe de Mariee. This was a way for them to display wedding souvenirs chosen by the two of them that reflected their love for each other and the beginnings of their life together. The Globe de Mariee would be kept and treasured through the years as a record of their marriage.

The wax flowers on the wedding crown are orange blossoms, which symbolises virginity. The diamond shaped central mirror is a 'reflection of the soul' and symbolises truth. The gold dove at the top looking over the 'nest' represents love and peace in the home, while the gold leaves represent hoped for longevity in the union, and the daisy's represent purity.

Size: approx cm 41 (L) x 18cm (D) x 33xm (W)

Sorry this item is for local pick up only, due to age and fragility!