Antique French 'Francois Gauthier' Porcelain Doll

$595.00 AUD

Antique French 'Francois Gauthier' Porcelain Doll. Head stamped with FG 8 in scroll mark, dating it around 1887-1900. Hazel glass eyes, earring holes. Wooden arms and legs with movable joints connected inside with braided cotton cord. Composite wood hollow body. Horse hair piece tagged inside with "100% cheveux naturels, Made in France". Overall good condition, this doll has had a long life of being played with and loved, so there are chipped sections of paint, small imperfections on the doll's face and un-brushed hair.

Dressed in a gorgeous pink silk skirt and top with cream lace trim, snap button fastenings on the back. Petticoat of cream cotton and light felt. All hand stitched with many charming imperfections. Small stains and imperfections in the fabric. This outfit appears to be a later addition to the doll, circa 1950s.

Size approx: 53 cm high x 11 cm wide

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