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Summerill & Bishop 'Le Jardin des Roses' Linen Tablecloth

Summerill & Bishop 'Le Jardin des Roses' Linen Tablecloth

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'Le Jardin des Roses' – our very own homage to a stalwart of the English garden, the Rose.  

Think of the collection as your very own rose garden at the table, made for escapist day-dream dinners and sensuous suppers, without leaving the comfort of home. A timeless table linen collection to see you through alfresco moments in Summer and cosier times in Winter when you want classic beauty at the table. 

Size: 165 cm x 300 cm - will fit between six and eight people around the table.

A little message about S&B printed linens: Linen is much loved for its natural and irregular look. S&B have developed techniques in our manufacturing process to relax and soften the textured surface of the fabric, meaning your tablecloth and napkins may feature some small white spots and areas of fading on its printed surface. These irregularities are normal and make each item entirely unique.

Summerill & Bishop are a London-based design studio and concept store. They believe that if people take the time to lay the table and present a meal beautifully, they'll enjoy it all the more and create a lasting memory for those who share it with them.

They seek out the finest fabrics and dyes the world has to offer, and they do so inspired by the fact that a family or group of friends will undoubtedly be coming together around every tablecloth.
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